Homemade pineapple ice cream


Tangy, creamy, refreshing, with the tropical sweet aroma of pineapple~ takes less than 10 minutes to prepare! I got this idea from the youtube channel Cooking with dog. I love their show! It’s full of great Japanese home cooking recipes that bring back so many fond memories of my life in Japan. The chef can make everything from handmade udon to mochi ice cream seem effortless to make, not to mention the co-host Francis is just adorable! Here is what I used: fresh pineapple cut into small pieces ~1 cup, whipping cream 1/4 cup, yogurt 1/4 cup, sugar 1/4 cup, lemon juice 1 tbsp. Cut and freeze pineapple pieces in a large ziploc bag in a single layer for about an hour. Blend all ingredients in a food processor/blender/magic bullet until well blended. It’s ready to serve as is with the consistency of frozen yogurt. [Optional: I like my ice cream a bit firmer so I transfer the mix into a box and return to freezer for another hour or longer.] Scoop into a chilled bowl and enjoy! Now you know how simple it is to make fresh fruit ice cream at home sans an ice cream machine you will want to try it with other fruits too!


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